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The Behar Law Group has definitely proven to be a valued member leading the team to successfully facilitate the immigration of my chosen life partner to legally enter and live in the United States. The legal process required to accomplish this was both overwhelming and labor intensive. Thankfully, beginning January 2017, Ram and I received continued support and guidance which was expertly provide by Larry and everyone at Behar Law Group. The use of the Internet, email and Skype allowed for timely request for information and status updates.
The timeline thus far has been roughly 14 months, which surprisingly is slightly ahead of schedule. Currently, Ram and I are married, living together here in the US. We are confident the few remaining steps to complete the process will proceed as smoothly.
We will be eternally grateful to Larry and the team at the Behar Law Group for their professional, knowledgeable and very kind services to make our dream a reality.

Dennis, Nepal

My company has had the distinct pleasure to work with Attorney Larry Behar and his outstanding firm EB5 Lawyers for a number of years with exemplary results. Not only is the firm extremely well versed in the complexities of the EB5 Program they are one of the most professional and efficient groups we have the honor to work with. The level of client service is exceptional.
However, the real difference is the personal commitment to their clients – matching anything we have experienced in the category.
On a personal level I have had the honor to interact with Larry Behar since 2006 and have always been impressed with his integrity, warmth and genuine concern for his clients welfare.
We look forward to expanding our relationship with Attorney Behar and his outstanding firm in the months and years to come.

Robert K, USA

I am General Counsel for a large multimedia company located in Florida that employs many foreign nationals as talent, reporters and writers. I write this letter as a client of Larry J. Behar and his firm for approximately 22 years during which I have received superb service and exceptional results. Many of the matters I have engaged Larry and his firm to handle over the years involved complicated facts with tight deadlines. Larry and his team have always come through for us by being creative, proactive and responsive. The firm has not only been an effective resource to my company, Larry and his team have guided and comforted our foreign national employees through the sometimes bewildering maze of the immigration process. I am looking forward to working with Larry and his firm in the years to come.

Chris M, USA

My family and I first met with Mr. Behar nearly eight years ago when I began the process of immigrating to the United States. It was obvious right from the start that he and his team truly cared about helping us. They were always available to answer any questions and provide guidance. The firm was knowledgeable about the complexities of the immigration process and solved any problems that arose. The immigration officer assigned to me actually told me that my file was the most well documented one he had seen to date. Having gone through the entire process, from my first application form to being a proud US Citizen, I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Behar and his team and look forward to continuing to work with them.

Alexander G, Canada

What does one say – the original referral about your firm certainly has lived up to ALL expectations – your patience with us – your support of us and being available every moment a call was placed gave Tim and I a great sense of assurance that in the end the Behar Law Group Firm would prevail. Yes, you told us in the beginning that it would not be easy – but you stepped up to the Challenge and delivered.
We are truly grateful for all that you have done and will indeed give you all the referral business we can as we are approached and yes indeed his citizenship will be applied for when that day comes.
Thank you again – thank you sounds so inadequate – but THANKS, THANKS!

Tim B, Canada


Je viens de recevoir ce matin mon certificat de naturalisation américaine.
Je voudrais te remercier du plus profond de mon coeur.
C’est un moment extraordinaire pour moi .
Tu as été pour moi d’un support essentiel dans ce processus qui a commencé par l’obtention de ma résidence permanente me permettant d’obtenir ensuite ma citoyenneté américaine.

Encore une fois Larry merci pour ton professionnalisme, ta grandeur d’âme et ton dévouement face à mon rêve de devenir un jour citoyen américain grâce à toi c’est maintenant fait!

Michel, Canada

Immigration is not just a legal matter, it’s about life choices, business, real estate and so much more. Larry J. Behar and his team have served me and my family since 1996 beyond my expectations. Rapidly, it has become evident to me that Larry Behar, besides being a stellar legal professional, also is brilliant and vivid business mind who has assisted and guided me along my journey through America. I thus regard him as a friend and a mentor who has helped me to be a successful immigrant to this great Nation called USA.

Jean David, Switzerland

It has been a great satisfaction to work with Larry over the past couple of years. He was once recommended to me by dear friends, and I cannot thank them enough for sending him my way. He is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a solid immigration attorney. He is constantly available, of great efficiency, understanding, clear, professional and knowledgeable. He always has a solution to any problem and I have full confidence in his abilities to lead me through the intricacies of the system. Highly recommended in all aspects!

Carole, France

I could not let this day pass by without thank you for taking your time to give us the presentation about EB-5 Visa, today at 100 Las Olas. This was the second time I went to 100 Las Olas to learn about how the EB-5 Visa works where after attending the first one, I was back and forth with Elen Oliveira, asking questions in order to feel confident to present the program to some of my Brazilian clients. And one of my questions was why they don’t invite you to give us a presentation, and I am glad that they did do it.

Jorge, Venezuela

I cannot thank you enough for the quality of service, professionalism and personal care that you have shown me and my family. Over the past several years, you and your firm’s attention to detail, as well as, concern for our well-being made our transition much smoother than we anticipated. The process was not particularly easy but your guidance and counsel proved that we had made the correct choice of representation. Thank you.

Robert G, Brazil

I wanted to thank you and Lea for your efforts and certainly covering off all corporate/business issues was well worth the exercise.
The issues raised by the consul was that of control, source of funds, value of the investment and employment of independent contractors.
Also asked if i was ever arrested anywhere in the world and if I had a DUI…..he also indicated that he googled me.

HNW Client, Canada

I have been working directly with Larry and his team for more than a year now and it has been a great experience. Since day 1, the team was very hands-on and proactive in leading me through different stages of my immigration process. They were timely to resolve any doubts or issues that were presented and made it very easy for me. Larry’s personal approach really makes one feel comfortable and the remarkable service that I received is something that I value significantly.

Allan, Canada

I have had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to be a client of the Behar Law Group for over a decade, having engaged the firm in a number of nonimmigrant, immigrant and EB-5 regional center assignments. Each and every assignment was handled highly professionally, conservatively with a pleasurable personal touch. Behar Law Group can be counted on to more than deliver the desired results. I highly recommend the Behar Law Group.

Albert, Belgium

I just finished watching your televised interview. Larry, I was totally mesmerized by your presence, eloquent speaking ability, your knowledge, your viewpoint, your composure, your clarity….and even your kindness. I think you were absolutely brilliant! I don’t know what else to say. I have always been in awe of you. Seeing you “in action” has confirmed what I’ve always known. You are amazing.

Julie K, Canada

Thanks for the kind words Larry. Ask yourself why you are able to do the things that you do. The answer is simple. People trust you personally and professionally. That speaks miles about you. I am no longer amazed by your accomplishments. I expect them. You have really made a difference. I am proud to call you a friend.

Joel L, Canada

Mission Accomplished! The applause you hear is me clapping in thanks for your awesome & professional service!!!!!!!!
I sent off my Citizenship Paper with my Passport Application from the Oakland Park Post Office…..to be continued…
P.S. I cried (of course) at the ceremony.

Elizabeth, Canada

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the guidance you gave me and my family throughout this whole process. Without you, this would have never happened! I’m officially an American now! You’re the BEST!

Belladona, Canada

These are great newsletters for staying abreast of everything that is happening and has strong relevance to us as developers.

Samir, Pakistan

CONGRATULATIONS to an exceptional professional and a true gentleman for a wonderful career which is far from being over.

Andy D, Canada

Forever thankful with you and your team for making another lifetime dream a reality! Feels great to be on that other side of the fence!

Armando, Peru

Mr. Behar is one of the few lawyers I trust. When it comes to USA immigration, he is the king.

Bernard, South Africa

Larry is great Immigration Attorney & extremely nice person.

Gregory, Russia

Thank you and your team…worth every dollar of investment in your services!!

Brian M, Canada

Dear Larry, thank you so much for all your help, you are the best!

Barbara, USA