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E-2 Charts

Understanding the E-2 Visa Process

You will be able to visually understand the E-2 program by reviewing the below copyrighted information and charts prepared by our firm for you! They are designed to allow you to smoothly navigate the program and assess if it is a good fit for your family.

E-2 Business Plan Components

  • Business Description
  • Structure of Business
  • Marketing Plan
  • Personnel experience
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Required Licenses & Permits
  • Timetable for hiring/ construction
  • Job Descriptions
  • Budget & Financial Projections
  • Feasibility study

    – Market Analysis
    – Names of competing businesses with strengths/weaknesses
    – Comparison of competitors’ products/pricing structures
    – Description of target market/prospective customers
    – Permits and licenses obtained
    – Manufacturing/production process
    – Materials required
    – Supply sources
    – Contracts executed for the supply of materials/distribution of products
    – Marketing strategy
    – Pricing, advertising, servicing
    – Organizational structure
    – Personnel experience
    – Staffing requirements
    – Timetable for hiring
    – Job descriptions for all positions
    – Sales, cost, and income projections and details related thereto
    – Must be credible


  • Qualifications: There are no other requirements such as age, nationality, work experience, or entrepreneur achievements
  • No waiting period
  • Family: Permanent Residency for all family members, spouse and children under 21
  • Business: As long as jobs requirements met, visa will not be lost
  • The investment can be made as a gift
  • There are expedited services; it’s a Premium Process
  • Permanent; Can be citizen after 5 years
  • Children with dependant status do not lose their visa after 21 and have green cards


  • Timing: Process takes about 1-2 months, a shorter time period than EB-5 visa
  • Amount: There is no specific investment amount requirement and is determined on a case-by-case basis (usually $100,000), which is cheaper than the EB-5 investment
  • Jobs: Job creation can be small contribution
  • Employment Authorization is immediate
  • Family/Investor can attend school with no restrictions
  • Spouse can work immediately upon acceptance of paperwork
  • Visa allows investment to be buying of existing company


  • Amount: Investment amount is more expensive ($1 million or $500,000 TEA)
  • Requirements: More work; involves putting together a business plan that meets specific EB-5 criteria points
  • There is a cap; annual quota is 10,000 maximum
  • Timing: Approximately 6 months process
  • Employment Authorization usually occurs after 5-9 months
  • Family/Investor can attend school but with in-state tuition; Full permanent residency rights apply


  • Limits: Opportunity to invest funds into a new or existing business enterprise is limited to specific countries
  • Qualifications: Investor’s employment must involve essential skills
  • Family: Permanent residency after 1 year, but not for family
  • Business: The visa is tied to the business and can be lost if business is sold
  • Expedited services depends on counsel

Chart #1: E-2 Investor / Employee Chart

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