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E-2 Services

BLG - VIP E-2 Visa Client Services

  • Family immigration planning (short term & long term) and development
  • Ensuring client eligibility
  • Private consultation(s) between ALL parties via Phone/ in-office/ Skype
  • Introduction to translators
  • Interface with project management
  • Interface with economic development professionals
  • Private tour of project
  • Introduction to relocation specialists
  • Preparation of file for principal
    applicant and family
  • Review of all personal and family documents (passport and document verifications)
  • Assistance with preparation of wire transfer instructions & confirmation of transfers
  • Paralegal preparation of file, coordination and supervision
  • Administrative preparation with government agencies
  • Multilingual staff and translation
  • Timely and accurate billing
  • Legal research
  • Creation and Management of U.S. Entity
  • Assistance with source of funds analysis
  • Opening of US bank accounts
  • File structuring and document reviews
  • Remittance of file to Department of State
  • Follow-up organization
  • File status reports
  • Corporate stock review
  • Accounts verification
  • Government filing fees
  • Assurance of timely project information
  • Transparency of escrow account (optional)
  • Preparation and filing of all US government forms
  • Estimated time lines for processing
  • Remittance of government receipts and notices
  • Case evaluation and determination
  • Coordinating trip to consulate
  • Interface with US Citizenship and Immigration Service (as needed)
  • Release of investment amount
  • Time line surveillance
  • Interface with home country professionals
  • Conditional Applications (as needed)

E-2 Investor Relocation Consideraitons

  • Map
  • Year-round Weather
  • Crime statistics
  • Air access
  • Places to go
  • Things to do
  • Real Estate style and prices
  • Schools
  • Neighborhood
  • Commute distance
  • Traffic
  • Education
  • Job options
  • Job options for spouse and children
  • Familiarization trip
  • Health care facilites
  • Local amenities
  • Family partnerships / for assimiliation
  • Transportation
  • Headquarter presence / office
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Security
  • Existing family members
  • Air, Light, Water Security, Traffic

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