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E-2 Consular Interview

E-2 Consular Interview

Our firm has been active in the E-2 space since 1990 and as such have been solicited by various media for explanations and opinions on this complex structure. The E-2 interviews clarify some of your questions and issues however if there are still outstanding issues which are not explained, feel free to contact us. More interviews are anticipated in the year to come.

Embassy or Consulate Questions: E-2 Visa Extreme Vetting Questions

  • Travel history over the last 15 years;
  • Names of any siblings/children/partners/former spouses not recorded in the DS-160;
  • Addresses during the last 15 years;
  • Prior Passport numbers;
  • Prior occupations and employers, plus a brief description of each, for the past 15 years; (CV)
  • All phone numbers used in the last five years;
  • All email addresses and social media handles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) used in the last five years. Please provide links used.

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